Taking your pet abroad? For many people leaving their much-loved four-legged friend at home while they go on holiday is just not option. They would rather not go away than leave them behind.
If you are planning to travel overseas with your pet make sure that you abide by the rules and get them a Pet Passport which means you can bring them back into the UK on your return from Europe without them going into lengthy quarantine.

Here at Grange Vets we can advise and organise your Pet Passport. We will ensure your pet has the required microchip and if not will make sure this is done before the passport is issued.
We will also ask if there are any distinctive markings and if your pet is a cross we will need all its breeds written down. An appointment for the necessary rabies vaccine will also be made. For those clients unsure of exactly what information is needed we will supply details of the DEFRA website so this can be researched.

Once the passport is ready you will return to the practice where you will sign it in front of a member of staff before you take it home.

Grange can also provide you with any medical protection that your pet may need depending on where you are taking them.

If you are travelling to southern Europe, for example, they will need protection against sandflies and heartworm while they are abroad. Please contact Grange for advice and further information on these treatments.