compassion understood

Discussing your pet’s end of life

We understand what a joy it is when you bring a new pet into your home. Regardless of the species – dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or even iguana – a pet becomes part of our lives and we are honoured you chose us to take care of his or her health needs. We also know that quite often there may be a nagging thought in the back of your mind about what will happen when the time comes to say goodbye.

Research among pet owners carried out by Compassion Understood found that 21% of owners would like to know more about end-of-life care and euthanasia options at a time when their pet is fit and healthy, leaving 79% who prefer to leave thinking about it until later in their pet’s life. Every pet owner and their situation is unique and we like to be as open as possible about the subject of euthanasia and offer advice and support. Grange Veterinary Surgery is a Compassion Understood Platinum Accredited practice, which means that all of our team have taken specialist training to ensure that we can help you prepare and offer support to you and your family in whatever choices you make for your pets end of life care.

You may find it helpful to visit the Compassion Understood website and if you have any specific questions or you would like further information about a topic, do give us a call and speak to any of our team who will help you at this troubling time.